Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Curse of the Fourth Season

Okay so you all know that I'm a huge fan of LOST so before I jump into my recaps of some of my other favorite shows, let me just say something about last night's episodes of LOST "Sundown"

Now don't let the name fool you, this was a Sayid centric episode and for some reason I had it in my mind that it could very well be his last episode on the show.. and in a sense I was right. Sayid is no longer the Iraqi torturer we all know and love.. He is now infected and badder than bad.

This episode for me started a little slow and I'm most def. not saying this in a bad way.. It's just hard to have last episode tease us so much about someone coming to the island (PLEASE LET IT BE DESMOND!)and then get no payoff in this episode.. I enjoyed watching Sayid in the ALT but now I'm at the point where I NEED to know how this all connects together (and I'm confident we'll be finding that out real soon)

Naveen Andrews acting was superb in this episode and he conveyed the fact that he was now claimed very well. The biggest part of the ALT storyline for me in this episode was the scene with Keamy that ends with Jin being discovered in the freezer.. interesting, very interesting.

Everyone knows that the last ten minutes of "Sundown" made the whole freaking episode.. It was mind blowing, dark, and fast-paced. One of my favorite things about this season is DEF. getting to see Smokey in action more and more after getting only glimpses of him in each of the other seasons. He is seriously BAD ASS!

All in all, awesome episode! The final teams are almost in place and once they are, the real answers will be coming by the second.


I don't know what it is but a lot of my favorite shows start getting really bad in the fourth season. Is it because they run out of material? Whatever it is, it's getting ridiculous.. I have FOUR shows to list here for you today that took a turn for the worst in the fourth season. Like I said in my last post, the fact that Dexter's fourth season blew me away was a massive sigh of relief. Keep in mind as I bash these shows, I am still a loyal fan to all of them.. Once i'm in, usually I stay through to the end. Let's start with..


WOW has this show gone down hill! I started watching this show last year and blew through the first 4 seasons in a week (due to a horrible leg surgery that left me bedridden lol). By watching in total marathon mode 1 thing proved quite clear to me, WOW THIS FOURTH SEASON HAD THE MOST RIDICULOUS STORY LINES EVER.

Nip/Tuck has always been far fetched but it was also entertaining and I really did feel for all the characters (well most of them). By the fourth season, you have some crazy ass shrink, a little person (nanny) getting it on with Julia (while Sean and her are still together of course), some chick infiltrating the company with her old, rich husband, and Connor's (Julia and Sean's son) hand surgery.

It was so jam packed with crazy plot lines, I didn't know what to do with myself and on top of that, the patients that came in for plastic surgery had crazier and crazier reasons to do so. I can take crazy but damn this season ODed on it.

I hoped the next season would get better but sadly, it may have gotten worse. Worst decisions ever : moving to LA, Sean becoming a self-indulgent star of a ridiculous reality drama, Christian going bald,Rosie (O'Donnell) and Christian getting it on, Teddy that crazy bitch, Julia's new found lesbionism which of course introduces the most annoying character this show has seen, Eden, the sex-crazed teen who (of course) must lust after Sean. Julia almost dies, Sean almost dies.. Stupid.

This continues in the second part of season 5 with Christian being diagnosed with breast cancer and getting married to Liz (yes the lesbion) This may have been the worst storyline ever.. until I saw season 6.
I'm pretty sure season 6 is when Matt decides to become a.. wait for it.. MIME! LMAOOO really! But he's not ordinary mime, he likes to hold up shop owners with a fake gun and steal their

Mario Lopez becomes Kimbers new love interest for a short time before she of course goes back to Christian. Christian beats the cancer and of course has to ditch Liz because he was only with her as a last resort and for his son Wilbur (who we barely even see)

Julia's lesbion lover dies while going under the knife, Seans crazy girlfriend, Teddy, tries to kill him and his kids, and Liz is on a rampage for all of Christians shit.

Now we're on to the final season of Nip/Tuck.. Season 7. Now the big question is, Marissa if you hate this show so much and think it's so ridiculous why do you still watch it? Well it's simple, no matter how bad it gets I'm still somewhat entertained lol and it helps that I'm in love with Christian =)

But anyway in the final season, Kimber commits suicide (while married to Christian..What when did that happen? lmao you never know with this show)which was oddly fitting to her sad, damaged self. She couldn't get away from Christian any other way and she jumps off a bump a boat. I found this sad, I liked Kimber and Christian because their storylines, as ridiculous as they got, were extremely entertaining.

Season 7 is mainly about Christian and Seans relationship. Christian holds Sean back but Sean allows this because he loves Christian blah blah blah. We got a reprise of the role of Ava, the transexual that killed her own son, coming to McNamara/Troy for a surgery for her new baby (I know!! Who would let this psycho bitch adopt a baby) In the final episode, she abandons her baby because he'll never be perfect. Matt walks out on his wedding just so he can beg Ava to stay with him because he has the perfect kid, Jenna.

Let me go off track for a moment, I HATE MATT WITH A PASSION! Why is this kid sooo dumb. He's never thought anything through, ever. He just makes bad decison after another and never learns from his mistakes. They ended the show leaving him as pathetic as always which makes sense because honest to god this kid will never change!

Julia takes the kids to London to live with her fiance, a rich old man duh, and Christian decides to leave Sean because he knows that Sean will never do all the things he dreams of if their still friends/partners. Sean hops on a plane to retrieve the baby Ava abandoned and to permantely stay, in whatever country it was, to help sick babies.

Oh PLEASE like Sean's such a martyr! ehh but I was still kinda sad to see the two part ways and I think if the show went on Sean would go back to the US because he is so not gonna be able to live in a third world country for very long.

Oh I forgot to mention Liz was having Sean's baby (due to the sperm he just hands over to her) and she wanted nothing to do with him lol crazy, crazy show.

What made the finale episode so great for me was the last scene. It leaves us with Christian offering to buy a drink for a young blond girl (who's on her to being the next Kimber) and her refusing. Christian pulls out that old line that's worked for a him a million time.. I'm a plastic surgeon in true Christian form. I like how they left Christian as shallow as ever, that's who he is and that's who he'll always be.

I'm sad to this show go because it's def. my guilty please but it was def. time. All in all, Nip/Tuck is the most unrealistic, superficial show I've ever seen but I think that was the whole point =)

Check back later for my other 3 shows that went down hill from the "Curse of the Fourth Season."

Namaste and Good Luck,


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