Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ahh televison

Okay so I know I totally fell off of writing this blog but in the last few monthes I graduated broadcasting school, started working as a videographer, and started my internship at Sirius Radio (Listen to the B-Team on Mad Dog Radio 10am-2pm ;) lol)

But anyway I thought I should do a little recap about the shows I've been watching..

One of my last posts talked about how deeply I was anticipating True Blood's second season and now that the season has been over for awhile I can sum it up in one word : weak

Honestly, I expect a lot from Alan Ball and the second season of True Blood was such a disappointment.. I mean the whole season you craved to know how it would end. The build up for each episode was great. I thought it was all gonna reach a great climax and wrap up real well but noooo that's not what happened.

It's almost as if the writers gave up on the writing for the last few episodes because they just basically dragged out a story line that coulda been wrapped up midway through the season. I'm not saying that EVERYTHING was bad. I liked getting more of Sam this season and MaryAnn was a pretty good villian for awhile but eh it left a lot to be desired.

Another thing that bothered me was the way they tried to de-sexify ( not that that's a word lol) Bill this season. I mean in the first season he was this bad ass, smooth talkin vamp and they've made him into this almost weak seeming character who can't help Sookie all season because of some ridiculous chick vampire (this all convienantly allows Eric to swoop in and seem like the knight in shining armor ALL FREAKING SEASON!)

Speaking of Eric, how badly did they wanna make him a fan favorite this season? It was like Bill lost all the cool storylines because now they wanna force Eric into the main cast. Don't get me wrong I like Eric but I just don't like the way they went about bringing him into the main storyline.

And the cliffhanger just didn't do it for me.. There was no build up for it and it just seems like another reason Bill won't be around next season (presumably so Eric can continue to try to make advances on Sookie.. which she WILL totally accept this season lmao I'm calling it now)

I have not given up on True Blood.. I can let ONE bad season go but honestly, I really hope the 3rd season is an improvement.. Alan Ball is great so I know he'll bounce back but all in all, it was a let down of a season.


Another season of a show that has come and gone is Season 4 of Dexter AND WHAT A SEASON IT WAS!

I can not believe this show has not only kept the quality of the writing through 4 season but seems to actually be improving. I think the total amount of people I have recruited into watching this show has to be like 8 or 9 lol.

If you asked me what my favorite season of Dexter is I usually saw the one I've just watched like for instance right now it's season 4. But now I'm rewatching Season 1 and I'm sure when I'm done it'll again be my favorite.

After season 3, I couldn't imagine a better counterpart for Dexter then Miguel Prato but omg how I was wrong. The Trinity Killer was the most creepy, complex, bad ass killer the shows ever had and John Litgows portrayl of him was phenomenal. The season had constant action and Michael C. Hall as always was brilliant.

I do not wanna give away the ending so I won't spoil it for anyone but let me just say the ending was SHOCKING, sad and def. leads me to believe that the Dexter we'll being seeing in Season 5 is going to resort back to his old ways. I think he's gonna close right back into himself and we're all gonna side of him we've never seen before.

So all in all, Dexter never fails. My guess is season 5 will be just as great as its predecessors =)

Check back later for my thoughts on Nip/Tuck, the Office, Big Love, and many other

Namaste and Good Luck,


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