Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Curse of the Fourth Season Part 2

Okay everybody I'm back and ready to talk about the next show on my list so let's get right into it with..

The Curse of the Fourth Season

Rescue Me

Rescue Me was a show that showed much promise..until it hit the fourth season and I have to say that out of all the shows that I'm putting on this list, Rescue Me has by far dropped the most in quality.

The 3rd season ended with crazy Shelia getting Tommy wasted (and don't forget her drugging him) and setting fire to her house (she is one crazy bitch but I've always liked that about her) Season 4 opens with them being supposedly being rescued by firefighters then being accused of arson and insurance theft.. LAME!

Tommy goes on to raise the baby his brother knocked his ex-wife up with and SHOCKER, the baby has black hair! soo even though we already knew that the baby wasn't Tommy's this confirms it.

Colleen (who is honestly the most spoiled, whiney bitch ever!) runs away from home to live (of course) with her dead beat boyfriend and Tommy keeps up the whole bad ass dad routine which inevitably (and predictably) pushes his daughter farther away. Cutting to the chase, her boyfriend leaves her to propose to another chick.. SHOCKING! lmao

Chief Jerry gets sent to a desk job because of his bad heart and sadly, he takes his own life which was incredibly shocking. I mean the guy has been through so much. His wife has had a serious case of Alzheimer's since since season one and being told that he couldn't be on active duty anymore is what put him ever the edge? Well actually, I can understand the guy basically had nothing but the fire department anymore, he had long sent his wife to a home so she can get the proper care and his son is in Boston living gay and happy. I liked Jerry, I thought he was a good character and I was sad to see him go.

Okay now let's get back to the ridiculousness that is season 4.

Janet doesn't feel like she's bonding with the baby because all he does is cry ( Oh did I mention they didn't name him.. for a long timee HORRIBLE!) so Tommy takes it upon himself to accept Sheila's offer of 850,000 bucks to hand over the baby to her. Follow me as I go on a rampage!

WHATTT!?!? I swear to you it's like prostituting a baby! No matter how badly the light shines on Tommy, we are always get thinking that he is a good man (and I'll admit he has his moments) but kidnapping his ex wifes/brothers baby and selling said baby to his deceased cousin's (who died honorably in 9/11) wife would be raw to even put on Jerry Springer.

This may have been one of the worst plot points of season 4, if not, the worst. How am I supposed to care about the lives of these characters if they're all selfish, stupid, and absolutly out of their freaking minds. In the real world, child services woulda been called before a blink of an eye. ughhh HORRIBLE! Let me not forget the small point, that Janet (that worthless whore lmao sorry I'm just being honest) was completely neglecting the baby up to this point which leads to Tommy's aforementioned kidnapping.

One more thing about Janet (just a little side rant lol), WTF is wrong with that chick! I'm so against the way they've written her character I wanna scream! She's weak AND skanky.. Instead of being there for her kids she almost always has a new boyfriend (who Tommy tries to destroy at all costs) and this season, of FREAKING course, she finally gets a job and tries to pretend she's trying do at least one damn thing instead of keeping Tommy around for money. Oh and let's guess what she does.....BANGS HER BOSS! Holy Shit! Set an example for onceee!

Janets reaction for Tommy selling her baby to Sheila: Running him down with her car.. Oh yes Janet, this is exactly how to deal with this situation. Ughh they ruined her character and have continued this downward trend as we head into Season 6. But I'm getting ahead of myself..

Back to the laughable 4th season of this deteriorating show.. This season we get a much more thorough look into Tommy's family as they begin to orchestrate their own AA meetings..DID ANYONE THINK THIS WAS GOING TO BE A GOOD IDEA!? I mean comeeeee on.. and as an indirect result, Tommy has a hard timing saying sober for the rest of the season.. while he start's a semi (and quite fucked up) relationship with a chick he doesn't like to touching after reaching in climax.. but he's still in love with Janet, I mean Sheila, no wait that other chick.. Ugh exhausting.

Tommy's alchie sister, Maggie, starts having her own bizarro relationship with Garrity (with his loveable, dimwitted self.. I'm actually not being sarcastic for once lol) which was throughly annoying and ridiculous (wow I sound very hostile)

A new fire fighter joins the house "Black" Sean, he doesn't wanna be called probie, blah blah blah, basketball is played, he gains respect, blah blah blah.. and then he does the stupidest thing that a new guy in the house could possibly do by going after Tommy's (stupid) daughter Colleen, blah blah BLAH! Tommy's angry, tries to make it not happen, and fail.. WAIT A MINUTE!! Didn't this storyline already happen in other seasons.. The answer is YES! IT HAS! THE WRITERS HAVE RUN OUT OF MATERIAL!

This craphole of a season ends on a somber note when Tommy's dad dies at a baseball game after he and Tommy finally have a real loving, understanding conversation. Very touching but nothing could ever save this season from sucking..

Wanna hear the real zinger? This all happened in 13 episodes!!! Yes ,my friends, 13 episodes! Could you jam more crap into one season. You can't even blame it on the writers stike because they put off season 5 so they would miss the crappy writing (that is taking place regardless) that would ensue.

Now the show has completed Season 5 and though I enjoyed it more, it's still outlandish and poorly executed. I know it's just a tv show and it's not "real" but COME ON! TRY A LITTLE HARDER THAN THAT!

All in all, Rescue Me season 4 was one of the worst seasons of a show (that I actually really like and follow) that I've ever had the displeasure of seeing. Ranting about this has now exhausted me so I will fill you in on my take of the events that went down in Season 5 on a different day.

Check in next time as I take a break from my list of shows cursed with the plague of the 4th season and talk some major Big Love, as it has just wrapped up it's 4th season (and it didn't suck!! Thank God!!)

Also, expect mine and my friend Ally's podcast of UnLocke Lost "Dr.Linus" by tomorrow night =) It's gonna be a good one. You can find it right here or on our website at unlockelost.podbean.com

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