Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST: The Greatest Show of ALL TIME!

Wow! Okay, I don't know where to begin. It has now been 13 hours since I watched LOST come to an end and I'm still reeling. Nothing I've ever seen has ever brought that type of emotion to me. It was perfect in every way.

Ya know, I always had faith that the writers would give us the best possible ending but there was always a small part of me that worried that mysteries left unanswered may leave me a bit unsatisified. I couldn't have been more wrong.

The genius of the writers is that they have proven everything LOST stands for, in the fans themselves. We are men of science/men of faith. Even though the writers have left many things open to interpretation, it doesn't matter to me anymore. It all makes sense. It was always about these people, they were always going to be the ones to end the cycle, and Jack was always meant to die to save them all.

I went from being a man in science who didn't want a total mystical ending to embracing the faith that has been right in front of us from the beginning. The show was always about science vs. faith and like Jack said Locke was right from the beginning. The reasoning for everything doesn't matter. The characters never found out the answer to everything because they didn't need to and neither do we. This was their story. I believe the writers killing the Man in Black halfway through the episode proves just that.

Another important thing everyone needs to remember is that everything that happened on the island was real, like Libby said to Hurley all the way back in "Dave.. I'm real, you're real, this is all real. Jack dies and saves them all finally fulfilling his destiny. The Ajira plane leaves and Kate, Sawyer, and company went on with their lives. Hurley and Ben stayed behind as the new Jacob and Richard. This is the truth. The ALT was their reward. The place that they could all come together to move on and let go.

Ben choosing to not move on was beautiful and fitting. Whether you contribute it atoning for his sins or because he had unfinished business, it doesn't matter. I believe he needed to have a family and experience real love before he could ever reach the peace the rest of our Losties do. Eloise Hawking knew all along what was going on, probably from the very beginning when we meet her in "Flashes Before Your Eyes." She finally lived in an existence where she was able to be the mother to her son that was robbed from her before he was even born. That's all the explanation on Eloise I could ever need.

Finally getting to see Jack and Christian come face to face was worth all the time I've waited. I love that they didn't put into words how much love and guilt they felt for each other because they didn't need to. One thing that came out of Jack's time on the island was acceptance. He had to forgive his father and understand his own pain. As much as this show is about all our characters, a lot of it was directly about Jack.

Jack is the one who had to come full circle and really sacrifice himself for the greater good of possibly the whole world. The final image of the show being Jack's eye closing in the very field where it all began was poetic and spoke volumes. As he watches the Ajira plane leaving the island once and for all, he is at peace and has done his job. "All roads lead here."

Asking questions about the Dharma Initiative, the Others, the Egyptians, and everyone else is unimportant now. To me, they were all the people who have come and failed, allowing the Man in Black to be right. They've all "come, fight, destroy, corrupt" but the Losties are the ones who ended it all, who figured it all out. They proved "It only ends once."

There are so many more things I could say about this episode and I'm sure I'll say it all in time. One thing I know for sure, the podcast for this episode with be epic!

Thank you for listening to my thoughts. I've never felt so fulfilled from a television show before in my life.

Namaste, Marissa