Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST: The Greatest Show of ALL TIME!

Wow! Okay, I don't know where to begin. It has now been 13 hours since I watched LOST come to an end and I'm still reeling. Nothing I've ever seen has ever brought that type of emotion to me. It was perfect in every way.

Ya know, I always had faith that the writers would give us the best possible ending but there was always a small part of me that worried that mysteries left unanswered may leave me a bit unsatisified. I couldn't have been more wrong.

The genius of the writers is that they have proven everything LOST stands for, in the fans themselves. We are men of science/men of faith. Even though the writers have left many things open to interpretation, it doesn't matter to me anymore. It all makes sense. It was always about these people, they were always going to be the ones to end the cycle, and Jack was always meant to die to save them all.

I went from being a man in science who didn't want a total mystical ending to embracing the faith that has been right in front of us from the beginning. The show was always about science vs. faith and like Jack said Locke was right from the beginning. The reasoning for everything doesn't matter. The characters never found out the answer to everything because they didn't need to and neither do we. This was their story. I believe the writers killing the Man in Black halfway through the episode proves just that.

Another important thing everyone needs to remember is that everything that happened on the island was real, like Libby said to Hurley all the way back in "Dave.. I'm real, you're real, this is all real. Jack dies and saves them all finally fulfilling his destiny. The Ajira plane leaves and Kate, Sawyer, and company went on with their lives. Hurley and Ben stayed behind as the new Jacob and Richard. This is the truth. The ALT was their reward. The place that they could all come together to move on and let go.

Ben choosing to not move on was beautiful and fitting. Whether you contribute it atoning for his sins or because he had unfinished business, it doesn't matter. I believe he needed to have a family and experience real love before he could ever reach the peace the rest of our Losties do. Eloise Hawking knew all along what was going on, probably from the very beginning when we meet her in "Flashes Before Your Eyes." She finally lived in an existence where she was able to be the mother to her son that was robbed from her before he was even born. That's all the explanation on Eloise I could ever need.

Finally getting to see Jack and Christian come face to face was worth all the time I've waited. I love that they didn't put into words how much love and guilt they felt for each other because they didn't need to. One thing that came out of Jack's time on the island was acceptance. He had to forgive his father and understand his own pain. As much as this show is about all our characters, a lot of it was directly about Jack.

Jack is the one who had to come full circle and really sacrifice himself for the greater good of possibly the whole world. The final image of the show being Jack's eye closing in the very field where it all began was poetic and spoke volumes. As he watches the Ajira plane leaving the island once and for all, he is at peace and has done his job. "All roads lead here."

Asking questions about the Dharma Initiative, the Others, the Egyptians, and everyone else is unimportant now. To me, they were all the people who have come and failed, allowing the Man in Black to be right. They've all "come, fight, destroy, corrupt" but the Losties are the ones who ended it all, who figured it all out. They proved "It only ends once."

There are so many more things I could say about this episode and I'm sure I'll say it all in time. One thing I know for sure, the podcast for this episode with be epic!

Thank you for listening to my thoughts. I've never felt so fulfilled from a television show before in my life.

Namaste, Marissa

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Thoughts on Happy Town

Okay, okay, okay I know I promised to have an entry up the other day and it never happened so I'm sorry! I'm just veryy tired lately but that won't stop me today! I was gonna talk about Big Love and The Office but a show I've been kind of anticipating just so happened to air it's first episode a little while ago.

ABC has been trying to find it's next LOST with each new drama they've given the green light to and so far they've fallen flat. Flash Forward was advertised as being the next show of choice for all us crazy LOST fans.. well they couldn't be more wrong. Flash Forward is a mess of a show. The actings horrible, the dialogue is forced and unrealistic, and the whole feel of the show is nothing, I mean NOTHING, like LOST.

I kind of feel like the show is doing poorly in the ratings department due to said advertisment and it's ABCs own fault. You do NOT try to compare a new show to something as developed and well received as LOST is.. that's a big no no. The plot can't even save the show! It's an interesting concept but when you already have talks of another blackout in the first season, it just raises questions on how much material they really do have and how long it could possibly last. They probably should have made it a mini series and called it a day.. speaking of mini series..

V was something I was very excited about. The moment I saw the first episode, I downloaded the original and went on a watching spree. The original was a two part mini series that was satisfying in every possible way. They tried to make it into series back in the 80s and that failed, so what makes them think it'll work now?

I must say of the two shows I've mentioned, V is the superior. I mean I've even been thinking about basing my second podcast on it. But again it's been compared to LOST and the ratings aren't very good. It doesn't help that they showed 4 episodes like 6 monthes ago then put it on hiatus till March.. this is not a very good approach. They also did this with Flash Forward after about 1/3 into the season. You can not expect a viewer to become a super fan of a show that isn't even given time to develop before putting it on hiatus. It's absolutely pointless!

I still believe V has a lot of promise but I wonder how far the show will be able to go on. Anyone who's seen the mini series knows shit hits the fan pretty quickly and doesn't stop till the last episode. I understand that for a mini series format, it HAS to be that way but it worked because there's not much to be done once you find out the V's intentions.

But whatever, now on to possibly a future favorite show of mine.. HAPPY TOWN!

I've been seeing commercials for awhile concerning Happy Town and it def. caught my attention. I didn't even realize it was on tonight and lo and behold, the moment I opened my eyes from a nap, it was minutes from starting.. talk about luck.

Let me say that if any show can be compared to LOST, it may just be Happy Town. The writers of this show understand how a show based on mysteries is supposed to go down. Granted, this is totally premature but the flow of this first episode was perfect. The writing is on point so the sense of foreboding and mystery starts and continues through the entire episode.

Sheriff Griffen, played by actor M.C. Gainey (who was Tom Friendly on LOST =D), raised all our eyebrows when he has random spouts of questions that make no sense. Now this is where I have to mention LOST haha LOST has a way of leaving trails of questions that, as viewers, we know are not only important but possibly vital to everything. With LOST, I always feel like something big is about to happen and it makes every second of watching enjoyable. I can see Happy Town going down a similar path.

The setting is very important in a show and just like the island is to LOST, Bon Temps is to True Blood, and Miami is to Dexter.. Happy Town has def. picked the right setting. A cold Minnesota town where nothing bad every happens.. except for that crazy Mystery Man guy who just so happens to make victims seem to completely disappear lol

As a pilot episode, this show def. delivered.. mysteries were opened, a minor one was solved, and it gave us enough introductions to get a feel for these characters. The pacing was very good and I was throughly entertained for the whole hour. One of the things that makes LOST one of the best shows of all time was it's pilot. It was original, scary, funny, crazy, mysterious and the list goes on and on. It made us think for a change! There's so many mindless shows on tv and LOST is def. not one of them. You have to pay attention and catch the little things.. I mean I honestly feel like I'm a professional LOST viewer sometimes haha =)

Look, all I'm saying is that everyone should give this show a chance. I could be totally wrong, being that it's only the first episode, but I know a good show when I see one and this def. is. I'll def. be tuning in next week and my brain has started thinking of a Happy Town podcast? hmm.. i don't know.. def. a possibility.

Did you watch tonight? Did you enjoy it? If you haven't watched, will you now that I've praised it? LOL! All in all, this show has potential to be GREAT!

Thanks for reading and hopefully, I can stay motivated and update more frequently!

Namaste and Good Luck,


Friday, April 16, 2010

Tomorrow Will Be A Great Day!

I am finally gonna update tomorrow! I see I have a few new followers and I totally appreciate it! I'm gonna go tv crazy tomorrow so make sure to check back and hear my thoughts on Big Love and the Curse of the Fourth Season continues with The Office!

Namaste and Good Luck,

UnLocke Lost Season 6 Episode 12 "Everybody Loves Hugo"

The stakes are high for each of these final episodes of Lost and every week the bar gets raised! This episode continued on the path that the previous ones have built and we got even closer to finding out the ultimate truth. Join us as we discuss Hurley’s true destiny, disagree about what Desmond really knows, and try to make sense of Locke being run down in the Alt plus as always Lost news, quotes, top 5 and a short promo talk. Send any thoughts or theories to and check out our website at

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

UnLocke Lost Season 6 Episode 9 "Ab Aeterno"

So, our long wait to find out Richard's back story has finally payed off and it was EPIC! This week brought big revelations and the main keys to knowing and understanding the end game. Join us as we analyze all the key moments, from MIB's true identity to Isabella's final warning to Richard, in this indepth recap and analysis of Season 6 Episode 9 "Ab Aeterno." Send your thoughts and theories to us at or check out our page at Enjoy =)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Apologies

Hey guys.. I'm sorry I'm so bad at updating this thing! I really want to believe me but I am super, super busy but I PROMISE I will have a nice big post for you tomorrow =)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

UnLocke Lost Season 6 Episode 9 "Ab Aeterno" Initial Reaction

Wow.. How could I not give my initial reaction after finally getting a Richard Centric especially since this episode was mindblowing! Sadly, Ally's in Montreal for her birthday so I brought on my mom, who's a huge fan of the show, to help me revel in the pure genius of this episode! So, sit back and enjoy my initial thoughts on Ab Aeterno! If you have any theories you'd like to add (and I know you do lol) just email us at

Monday, March 22, 2010

UnLocke Lost Season 6 Episode 8 "Recon"

So, Recon didn't turn out as great as we thought it would but we still managed to have a packed episode full of new theories and insight. In this episode we discuss, Sawyer's true motivation, Widmore's side in the game, and MIB: friend or foe plus as always, LOST news, quotes, and our top 5 moments (well actually 3 this week) in this indepth recap and analysis of Season 6. Don't miss our extended promo talk for next week's episode, which will remain nameless, if you don't want to be spoiled =)

Spoilers begin at 119 mins and end at 127 mins

Sunday, March 14, 2010

UnLocke Lost Season 6 Episode 7 "Dr. Linus"

Ahhh! Could a Ben-Centric ever be bad? Absolutely not! In this episode we discuss Ben’s ultimate redemption, the many mysteries of Richard, and why Lost fans can’t accept anything as a true answer plus as always LOST news, quotes, and our top 5 moments in this indepth recap and analysis of Season 6 Episode 7 “Dr. Linus” Let us know any of your thoughts or theories by shooting an email to =)

Spoilers begin at 111 mins and end at 117 mins =)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Curse of the Fourth Season Part 2

Okay everybody I'm back and ready to talk about the next show on my list so let's get right into it with..

The Curse of the Fourth Season

Rescue Me

Rescue Me was a show that showed much promise..until it hit the fourth season and I have to say that out of all the shows that I'm putting on this list, Rescue Me has by far dropped the most in quality.

The 3rd season ended with crazy Shelia getting Tommy wasted (and don't forget her drugging him) and setting fire to her house (she is one crazy bitch but I've always liked that about her) Season 4 opens with them being supposedly being rescued by firefighters then being accused of arson and insurance theft.. LAME!

Tommy goes on to raise the baby his brother knocked his ex-wife up with and SHOCKER, the baby has black hair! soo even though we already knew that the baby wasn't Tommy's this confirms it.

Colleen (who is honestly the most spoiled, whiney bitch ever!) runs away from home to live (of course) with her dead beat boyfriend and Tommy keeps up the whole bad ass dad routine which inevitably (and predictably) pushes his daughter farther away. Cutting to the chase, her boyfriend leaves her to propose to another chick.. SHOCKING! lmao

Chief Jerry gets sent to a desk job because of his bad heart and sadly, he takes his own life which was incredibly shocking. I mean the guy has been through so much. His wife has had a serious case of Alzheimer's since since season one and being told that he couldn't be on active duty anymore is what put him ever the edge? Well actually, I can understand the guy basically had nothing but the fire department anymore, he had long sent his wife to a home so she can get the proper care and his son is in Boston living gay and happy. I liked Jerry, I thought he was a good character and I was sad to see him go.

Okay now let's get back to the ridiculousness that is season 4.

Janet doesn't feel like she's bonding with the baby because all he does is cry ( Oh did I mention they didn't name him.. for a long timee HORRIBLE!) so Tommy takes it upon himself to accept Sheila's offer of 850,000 bucks to hand over the baby to her. Follow me as I go on a rampage!

WHATTT!?!? I swear to you it's like prostituting a baby! No matter how badly the light shines on Tommy, we are always get thinking that he is a good man (and I'll admit he has his moments) but kidnapping his ex wifes/brothers baby and selling said baby to his deceased cousin's (who died honorably in 9/11) wife would be raw to even put on Jerry Springer.

This may have been one of the worst plot points of season 4, if not, the worst. How am I supposed to care about the lives of these characters if they're all selfish, stupid, and absolutly out of their freaking minds. In the real world, child services woulda been called before a blink of an eye. ughhh HORRIBLE! Let me not forget the small point, that Janet (that worthless whore lmao sorry I'm just being honest) was completely neglecting the baby up to this point which leads to Tommy's aforementioned kidnapping.

One more thing about Janet (just a little side rant lol), WTF is wrong with that chick! I'm so against the way they've written her character I wanna scream! She's weak AND skanky.. Instead of being there for her kids she almost always has a new boyfriend (who Tommy tries to destroy at all costs) and this season, of FREAKING course, she finally gets a job and tries to pretend she's trying do at least one damn thing instead of keeping Tommy around for money. Oh and let's guess what she does.....BANGS HER BOSS! Holy Shit! Set an example for onceee!

Janets reaction for Tommy selling her baby to Sheila: Running him down with her car.. Oh yes Janet, this is exactly how to deal with this situation. Ughh they ruined her character and have continued this downward trend as we head into Season 6. But I'm getting ahead of myself..

Back to the laughable 4th season of this deteriorating show.. This season we get a much more thorough look into Tommy's family as they begin to orchestrate their own AA meetings..DID ANYONE THINK THIS WAS GOING TO BE A GOOD IDEA!? I mean comeeeee on.. and as an indirect result, Tommy has a hard timing saying sober for the rest of the season.. while he start's a semi (and quite fucked up) relationship with a chick he doesn't like to touching after reaching in climax.. but he's still in love with Janet, I mean Sheila, no wait that other chick.. Ugh exhausting.

Tommy's alchie sister, Maggie, starts having her own bizarro relationship with Garrity (with his loveable, dimwitted self.. I'm actually not being sarcastic for once lol) which was throughly annoying and ridiculous (wow I sound very hostile)

A new fire fighter joins the house "Black" Sean, he doesn't wanna be called probie, blah blah blah, basketball is played, he gains respect, blah blah blah.. and then he does the stupidest thing that a new guy in the house could possibly do by going after Tommy's (stupid) daughter Colleen, blah blah BLAH! Tommy's angry, tries to make it not happen, and fail.. WAIT A MINUTE!! Didn't this storyline already happen in other seasons.. The answer is YES! IT HAS! THE WRITERS HAVE RUN OUT OF MATERIAL!

This craphole of a season ends on a somber note when Tommy's dad dies at a baseball game after he and Tommy finally have a real loving, understanding conversation. Very touching but nothing could ever save this season from sucking..

Wanna hear the real zinger? This all happened in 13 episodes!!! Yes ,my friends, 13 episodes! Could you jam more crap into one season. You can't even blame it on the writers stike because they put off season 5 so they would miss the crappy writing (that is taking place regardless) that would ensue.

Now the show has completed Season 5 and though I enjoyed it more, it's still outlandish and poorly executed. I know it's just a tv show and it's not "real" but COME ON! TRY A LITTLE HARDER THAN THAT!

All in all, Rescue Me season 4 was one of the worst seasons of a show (that I actually really like and follow) that I've ever had the displeasure of seeing. Ranting about this has now exhausted me so I will fill you in on my take of the events that went down in Season 5 on a different day.

Check in next time as I take a break from my list of shows cursed with the plague of the 4th season and talk some major Big Love, as it has just wrapped up it's 4th season (and it didn't suck!! Thank God!!)

Also, expect mine and my friend Ally's podcast of UnLocke Lost "Dr.Linus" by tomorrow night =) It's gonna be a good one. You can find it right here or on our website at

Namaste and Good Luck,


Monday, March 8, 2010

UnLocke Lost Season 6 Episode 6 - Sundown

This episode Sayid officially crosses over to the dark side. We’ll miss you Sayid. This episode we’ll be discussing MIB’s possible link to the “magic box”, the massacre of the Temple, our take on where the flash-sideways are headed and much more plus as always LOST news and quotes in this indepth recap and analysis of Season 6 Episode 6 “Sundown” Let us know any of your thoughts or theories by shooting an email to =)

Spoilers begin at 85mins and end at 92mins.. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Curse of the Fourth Season

Okay so you all know that I'm a huge fan of LOST so before I jump into my recaps of some of my other favorite shows, let me just say something about last night's episodes of LOST "Sundown"

Now don't let the name fool you, this was a Sayid centric episode and for some reason I had it in my mind that it could very well be his last episode on the show.. and in a sense I was right. Sayid is no longer the Iraqi torturer we all know and love.. He is now infected and badder than bad.

This episode for me started a little slow and I'm most def. not saying this in a bad way.. It's just hard to have last episode tease us so much about someone coming to the island (PLEASE LET IT BE DESMOND!)and then get no payoff in this episode.. I enjoyed watching Sayid in the ALT but now I'm at the point where I NEED to know how this all connects together (and I'm confident we'll be finding that out real soon)

Naveen Andrews acting was superb in this episode and he conveyed the fact that he was now claimed very well. The biggest part of the ALT storyline for me in this episode was the scene with Keamy that ends with Jin being discovered in the freezer.. interesting, very interesting.

Everyone knows that the last ten minutes of "Sundown" made the whole freaking episode.. It was mind blowing, dark, and fast-paced. One of my favorite things about this season is DEF. getting to see Smokey in action more and more after getting only glimpses of him in each of the other seasons. He is seriously BAD ASS!

All in all, awesome episode! The final teams are almost in place and once they are, the real answers will be coming by the second.


I don't know what it is but a lot of my favorite shows start getting really bad in the fourth season. Is it because they run out of material? Whatever it is, it's getting ridiculous.. I have FOUR shows to list here for you today that took a turn for the worst in the fourth season. Like I said in my last post, the fact that Dexter's fourth season blew me away was a massive sigh of relief. Keep in mind as I bash these shows, I am still a loyal fan to all of them.. Once i'm in, usually I stay through to the end. Let's start with..


WOW has this show gone down hill! I started watching this show last year and blew through the first 4 seasons in a week (due to a horrible leg surgery that left me bedridden lol). By watching in total marathon mode 1 thing proved quite clear to me, WOW THIS FOURTH SEASON HAD THE MOST RIDICULOUS STORY LINES EVER.

Nip/Tuck has always been far fetched but it was also entertaining and I really did feel for all the characters (well most of them). By the fourth season, you have some crazy ass shrink, a little person (nanny) getting it on with Julia (while Sean and her are still together of course), some chick infiltrating the company with her old, rich husband, and Connor's (Julia and Sean's son) hand surgery.

It was so jam packed with crazy plot lines, I didn't know what to do with myself and on top of that, the patients that came in for plastic surgery had crazier and crazier reasons to do so. I can take crazy but damn this season ODed on it.

I hoped the next season would get better but sadly, it may have gotten worse. Worst decisions ever : moving to LA, Sean becoming a self-indulgent star of a ridiculous reality drama, Christian going bald,Rosie (O'Donnell) and Christian getting it on, Teddy that crazy bitch, Julia's new found lesbionism which of course introduces the most annoying character this show has seen, Eden, the sex-crazed teen who (of course) must lust after Sean. Julia almost dies, Sean almost dies.. Stupid.

This continues in the second part of season 5 with Christian being diagnosed with breast cancer and getting married to Liz (yes the lesbion) This may have been the worst storyline ever.. until I saw season 6.
I'm pretty sure season 6 is when Matt decides to become a.. wait for it.. MIME! LMAOOO really! But he's not ordinary mime, he likes to hold up shop owners with a fake gun and steal their

Mario Lopez becomes Kimbers new love interest for a short time before she of course goes back to Christian. Christian beats the cancer and of course has to ditch Liz because he was only with her as a last resort and for his son Wilbur (who we barely even see)

Julia's lesbion lover dies while going under the knife, Seans crazy girlfriend, Teddy, tries to kill him and his kids, and Liz is on a rampage for all of Christians shit.

Now we're on to the final season of Nip/Tuck.. Season 7. Now the big question is, Marissa if you hate this show so much and think it's so ridiculous why do you still watch it? Well it's simple, no matter how bad it gets I'm still somewhat entertained lol and it helps that I'm in love with Christian =)

But anyway in the final season, Kimber commits suicide (while married to Christian..What when did that happen? lmao you never know with this show)which was oddly fitting to her sad, damaged self. She couldn't get away from Christian any other way and she jumps off a bump a boat. I found this sad, I liked Kimber and Christian because their storylines, as ridiculous as they got, were extremely entertaining.

Season 7 is mainly about Christian and Seans relationship. Christian holds Sean back but Sean allows this because he loves Christian blah blah blah. We got a reprise of the role of Ava, the transexual that killed her own son, coming to McNamara/Troy for a surgery for her new baby (I know!! Who would let this psycho bitch adopt a baby) In the final episode, she abandons her baby because he'll never be perfect. Matt walks out on his wedding just so he can beg Ava to stay with him because he has the perfect kid, Jenna.

Let me go off track for a moment, I HATE MATT WITH A PASSION! Why is this kid sooo dumb. He's never thought anything through, ever. He just makes bad decison after another and never learns from his mistakes. They ended the show leaving him as pathetic as always which makes sense because honest to god this kid will never change!

Julia takes the kids to London to live with her fiance, a rich old man duh, and Christian decides to leave Sean because he knows that Sean will never do all the things he dreams of if their still friends/partners. Sean hops on a plane to retrieve the baby Ava abandoned and to permantely stay, in whatever country it was, to help sick babies.

Oh PLEASE like Sean's such a martyr! ehh but I was still kinda sad to see the two part ways and I think if the show went on Sean would go back to the US because he is so not gonna be able to live in a third world country for very long.

Oh I forgot to mention Liz was having Sean's baby (due to the sperm he just hands over to her) and she wanted nothing to do with him lol crazy, crazy show.

What made the finale episode so great for me was the last scene. It leaves us with Christian offering to buy a drink for a young blond girl (who's on her to being the next Kimber) and her refusing. Christian pulls out that old line that's worked for a him a million time.. I'm a plastic surgeon in true Christian form. I like how they left Christian as shallow as ever, that's who he is and that's who he'll always be.

I'm sad to this show go because it's def. my guilty please but it was def. time. All in all, Nip/Tuck is the most unrealistic, superficial show I've ever seen but I think that was the whole point =)

Check back later for my other 3 shows that went down hill from the "Curse of the Fourth Season."

Namaste and Good Luck,


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ahh televison

Okay so I know I totally fell off of writing this blog but in the last few monthes I graduated broadcasting school, started working as a videographer, and started my internship at Sirius Radio (Listen to the B-Team on Mad Dog Radio 10am-2pm ;) lol)

But anyway I thought I should do a little recap about the shows I've been watching..

One of my last posts talked about how deeply I was anticipating True Blood's second season and now that the season has been over for awhile I can sum it up in one word : weak

Honestly, I expect a lot from Alan Ball and the second season of True Blood was such a disappointment.. I mean the whole season you craved to know how it would end. The build up for each episode was great. I thought it was all gonna reach a great climax and wrap up real well but noooo that's not what happened.

It's almost as if the writers gave up on the writing for the last few episodes because they just basically dragged out a story line that coulda been wrapped up midway through the season. I'm not saying that EVERYTHING was bad. I liked getting more of Sam this season and MaryAnn was a pretty good villian for awhile but eh it left a lot to be desired.

Another thing that bothered me was the way they tried to de-sexify ( not that that's a word lol) Bill this season. I mean in the first season he was this bad ass, smooth talkin vamp and they've made him into this almost weak seeming character who can't help Sookie all season because of some ridiculous chick vampire (this all convienantly allows Eric to swoop in and seem like the knight in shining armor ALL FREAKING SEASON!)

Speaking of Eric, how badly did they wanna make him a fan favorite this season? It was like Bill lost all the cool storylines because now they wanna force Eric into the main cast. Don't get me wrong I like Eric but I just don't like the way they went about bringing him into the main storyline.

And the cliffhanger just didn't do it for me.. There was no build up for it and it just seems like another reason Bill won't be around next season (presumably so Eric can continue to try to make advances on Sookie.. which she WILL totally accept this season lmao I'm calling it now)

I have not given up on True Blood.. I can let ONE bad season go but honestly, I really hope the 3rd season is an improvement.. Alan Ball is great so I know he'll bounce back but all in all, it was a let down of a season.


Another season of a show that has come and gone is Season 4 of Dexter AND WHAT A SEASON IT WAS!

I can not believe this show has not only kept the quality of the writing through 4 season but seems to actually be improving. I think the total amount of people I have recruited into watching this show has to be like 8 or 9 lol.

If you asked me what my favorite season of Dexter is I usually saw the one I've just watched like for instance right now it's season 4. But now I'm rewatching Season 1 and I'm sure when I'm done it'll again be my favorite.

After season 3, I couldn't imagine a better counterpart for Dexter then Miguel Prato but omg how I was wrong. The Trinity Killer was the most creepy, complex, bad ass killer the shows ever had and John Litgows portrayl of him was phenomenal. The season had constant action and Michael C. Hall as always was brilliant.

I do not wanna give away the ending so I won't spoil it for anyone but let me just say the ending was SHOCKING, sad and def. leads me to believe that the Dexter we'll being seeing in Season 5 is going to resort back to his old ways. I think he's gonna close right back into himself and we're all gonna side of him we've never seen before.

So all in all, Dexter never fails. My guess is season 5 will be just as great as its predecessors =)

Check back later for my thoughts on Nip/Tuck, the Office, Big Love, and many other

Namaste and Good Luck,


Lost Podcast - "The Lighthouse"

Hey guys I know it's been awhile but me and my friend Ally just started a LOST podcast called UnLocke Lost.. We do indepth recaps and analysis of each other the episodes in this bittersweet final season.. We also talk some lost news, examine great quotes, lay down our top 5 moments, and end with a short promo talk.. Check it out! We're new to this so any feedback you have for us, we'd love to hear! You can email us at or go to our website and leave us some feedback there.. Thanks and enjoy =)

Spoilers start at 1:20:00-1:24:00 and only include the next episodes title, centricity, and a short promo talk