Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Thoughts on Happy Town

Okay, okay, okay I know I promised to have an entry up the other day and it never happened so I'm sorry! I'm just veryy tired lately but that won't stop me today! I was gonna talk about Big Love and The Office but a show I've been kind of anticipating just so happened to air it's first episode a little while ago.

ABC has been trying to find it's next LOST with each new drama they've given the green light to and so far they've fallen flat. Flash Forward was advertised as being the next show of choice for all us crazy LOST fans.. well they couldn't be more wrong. Flash Forward is a mess of a show. The actings horrible, the dialogue is forced and unrealistic, and the whole feel of the show is nothing, I mean NOTHING, like LOST.

I kind of feel like the show is doing poorly in the ratings department due to said advertisment and it's ABCs own fault. You do NOT try to compare a new show to something as developed and well received as LOST is.. that's a big no no. The plot can't even save the show! It's an interesting concept but when you already have talks of another blackout in the first season, it just raises questions on how much material they really do have and how long it could possibly last. They probably should have made it a mini series and called it a day.. speaking of mini series..

V was something I was very excited about. The moment I saw the first episode, I downloaded the original and went on a watching spree. The original was a two part mini series that was satisfying in every possible way. They tried to make it into series back in the 80s and that failed, so what makes them think it'll work now?

I must say of the two shows I've mentioned, V is the superior. I mean I've even been thinking about basing my second podcast on it. But again it's been compared to LOST and the ratings aren't very good. It doesn't help that they showed 4 episodes like 6 monthes ago then put it on hiatus till March.. this is not a very good approach. They also did this with Flash Forward after about 1/3 into the season. You can not expect a viewer to become a super fan of a show that isn't even given time to develop before putting it on hiatus. It's absolutely pointless!

I still believe V has a lot of promise but I wonder how far the show will be able to go on. Anyone who's seen the mini series knows shit hits the fan pretty quickly and doesn't stop till the last episode. I understand that for a mini series format, it HAS to be that way but it worked because there's not much to be done once you find out the V's intentions.

But whatever, now on to possibly a future favorite show of mine.. HAPPY TOWN!

I've been seeing commercials for awhile concerning Happy Town and it def. caught my attention. I didn't even realize it was on tonight and lo and behold, the moment I opened my eyes from a nap, it was minutes from starting.. talk about luck.

Let me say that if any show can be compared to LOST, it may just be Happy Town. The writers of this show understand how a show based on mysteries is supposed to go down. Granted, this is totally premature but the flow of this first episode was perfect. The writing is on point so the sense of foreboding and mystery starts and continues through the entire episode.

Sheriff Griffen, played by actor M.C. Gainey (who was Tom Friendly on LOST =D), raised all our eyebrows when he has random spouts of questions that make no sense. Now this is where I have to mention LOST haha LOST has a way of leaving trails of questions that, as viewers, we know are not only important but possibly vital to everything. With LOST, I always feel like something big is about to happen and it makes every second of watching enjoyable. I can see Happy Town going down a similar path.

The setting is very important in a show and just like the island is to LOST, Bon Temps is to True Blood, and Miami is to Dexter.. Happy Town has def. picked the right setting. A cold Minnesota town where nothing bad every happens.. except for that crazy Mystery Man guy who just so happens to make victims seem to completely disappear lol

As a pilot episode, this show def. delivered.. mysteries were opened, a minor one was solved, and it gave us enough introductions to get a feel for these characters. The pacing was very good and I was throughly entertained for the whole hour. One of the things that makes LOST one of the best shows of all time was it's pilot. It was original, scary, funny, crazy, mysterious and the list goes on and on. It made us think for a change! There's so many mindless shows on tv and LOST is def. not one of them. You have to pay attention and catch the little things.. I mean I honestly feel like I'm a professional LOST viewer sometimes haha =)

Look, all I'm saying is that everyone should give this show a chance. I could be totally wrong, being that it's only the first episode, but I know a good show when I see one and this def. is. I'll def. be tuning in next week and my brain has started thinking of a Happy Town podcast? hmm.. i don't know.. def. a possibility.

Did you watch tonight? Did you enjoy it? If you haven't watched, will you now that I've praised it? LOL! All in all, this show has potential to be GREAT!

Thanks for reading and hopefully, I can stay motivated and update more frequently!

Namaste and Good Luck,


Friday, April 16, 2010

Tomorrow Will Be A Great Day!

I am finally gonna update tomorrow! I see I have a few new followers and I totally appreciate it! I'm gonna go tv crazy tomorrow so make sure to check back and hear my thoughts on Big Love and the Curse of the Fourth Season continues with The Office!

Namaste and Good Luck,

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