Friday, April 10, 2009

Wow I have a blog!

Well the time has finally come that I got my own blog. I am constantly reading everyone else's blog and seeing there opinions of things I love and never saying my own. Well I'm done with that! I'm the type of person that devotes herself to things she likes. I never just like things though, I become obsessed and consumed by them =) but that's a beautiful thing because life's hard enough without having something you absolutely love. For me, I have many, many things I love and most of them are either television shows or books. TV is my passion because a tv show is kind of like a book. Throughout the seasons, you learn more and more until the very end when everything (usually) comes together to form an amazing, satisfying ending. Don't get me wrong I love many movies. But movies can't always give you the satisfaction that a tv series can. I feel like good movies are easier to come by then good shows so when I find a show that's really that good, I have to know everythinggg. This means I must watch a show from the very, very beginning, I can't miss one episode, and I must watch it in a place where no one will bother, talk loudly, or distract me from what I'm trying to watch lol I must sound totally crazy.. I'm not =) Okay anyway this also means I read threads, blogs, theories, info on the cast, interviews, and any other possible information I can find. I do trivia, take quizzes, and ocassionaly read fan fiction. The one thing I do notttttt do is read SPOILERS! I just will not do it lol. What's the point in trying to spoil the show. I want to see what's going to happen when the writer's decide it's time to show me what happened. I compare spoilers to reading a summary of the Harry Potter series and not actually reading them. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO DO THAT! In my personal opinion, it's just pointless but whatever it's just my choice. Anyway this blog is going to be primarily about the shows i'm watching and the books i'm reading. Why, do you ask, am I doing this? Because it's my blog and I can =) I will also probably ramble about random things I just feel like rambling about. If anyone ends up reading this, I hope you enjoy my many obsessions and if no one ends up reading this, I'll still ramble. That's all for now! I'm actually quite excited about this.
Coming very soon: a list of my favorite shows
Namaste, Marissa =)

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  1. Very nice... I'm surprised this didn't have any other comments...

    Well, yeah, I didn't use to like TV that much (I honestly don't watch it, technically), but now I plan on working on TV shows... I get the feeling. It's just compelling. Well, very few shows fascinate me as much as Lost does.