Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Pure Bliss that True Blood is Almost Back!!

Okay, okay, okay now before I entered the world of Lost, I was rather addicted to an amazinggg show called True Blood.. Ever heard of it?? lol Well anyway, waiting each week for a new episode was the worst thing imaginable.. and it also suckeddd that there were only 12 episodes. But let me say that in just one season that show has me absolutely freakin hooked.

I read the first book, of which the series is based, by Charlaine Harris and I would notttt let myself read the second. I mean even though the show is loosely based on the books, I still feel committed to the show. I wanna see what's gonna happen from the eyes of Alan Ball, the creator, because the mans a friggin genious. Every head of a little show called Six Feet Under!? If you haven't it's def in my top 10 list of tv shows of all time. Ridicously good.

So thanks to True Blood, I watched Six Feet Under (thank god) which led me to Dexter (because Michael C. Hall plays David in SFU and he does such a wonderful job I had to see how he was in Dexter). And Dexter is another show I can promise won't disappoint.

But back to True Blood.. It returns this Sunday, June 14th at 9pm, on HBO. In preperation for this event I just about finished rewatching the first season. I swear I've been so consumed with Lost that I almost forgot how obsessed I am with True Blood. I mean Stephen Moyer as Bill is reason enough to watch it not that there isn't a million other reasons to watch. Now I'm just souped for the season premiere and the second season overall.

Ahh I suggest everyone youtube the promos because they look sickkk. Well, that's it just wanted to let some excitement out. Hope everyone tries to watch!

Namaste, Marissa

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